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Llimsey Character Sheet by hardcore-introvert Llimsey Character Sheet by hardcore-introvert
I was happy with this picture a month ago. Now I'm not. :meow:

I...think this is in the right category. If it's not, tell me, please :)

Anyways, this is my character sheet for Llimsey, who I will be entering in TBOS-OCT [link] along with his younger brother, who's character sheet can be found at [link]
You can read their entry story here [link]
Name: Llimsey
Age: Fifty-two (late teens for a goblin)
Physical description: See above. Also, is about five feet tall, which is pretty tall for a goblin (he is very proud of this fact)
History: Llimsey was born into the goblin royal family, but decided pretty quickly that the life of royalty wasn’t for him and ran away. Since he was the only heir to the throne, his parents had him pursued relentlessly, and eventually he left goblin country altogether and went into the more human-dominated areas of the continent, where he worked as a merchant. The whole time, though, he dreamed about returning to his homeland. Then, he discovered Artego, his younger half-brother. In him, Llimsey saw a solution to his problems. He persuaded Artego into returning with him to goblin country, with the intention of introducing him as the new heir. It would have ended badly for Artego, who is completely unsuited to be a goblin leader, but Llimsey chose to ignore the fact-at least at first. As he and Artego travelled together, however, they found between them a growing companionship. When the Book finds them, Llimsey is wandering goblin country aimlessly with Artego, still planning to hand him over to their father but becoming more and more unsure of himself by the day.
Personality: Being raised as a prince, Llimsey is selfish and often petty, not to mention lazy. Although he is technically his younger brother`s guardian, Artego usually ends up doing all the work. However, his overall personality is upbeat, irresponsible and happy-go-lucky, with more than a few playboyish tendencies. When speaking to others, Llimsey has a blatant lack of tact and is very blunt, though not necessarily honest. Also, he enjoys aggravating people. In most issues (except those of Artego`s safety and wellbeing) Llimsey adopts an I-could-care-less attitude. However, if necessary, he can be a very fierce fighter.
Abilities: A little more agile than most humans, very good climber. Can run on four legs.
Chosen by: The Book
Gift: N/A
Fun Facts: Llimsey enjoys hanging upside-down (spiderman-style, but minus the web), lying, frightening Artego, and girls with thick tails and curly horns. A nice figure helps, too. He dislikes books and complex ideas, and hates magic. Also, he often punctuates his sentences with clicks and caws not unlike those of a bird. He doesn’t eat “ordinary” food often, preferring to hunt for his dinner and eat it raw. Some of his favourite dishes include rat, mink, and other small rodents (although he claims to also enjoy human flesh, it’s never been proven one way or the other whether he’s actually eaten it)
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DarthVengeance0325 Featured By Owner May 9, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Good luck, friend. The Fun Facts certainly weren't false advertising. :meow:
hardcore-introvert Featured By Owner May 9, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you! And good luck to you, too :D
Panthershade Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2011  Student Writer
Wow, cool. You put a lot of thought into your characters like I do huh?
hardcore-introvert Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Well...I'm glad it comes across that way ^^; I do spend a lot of time on them, but it's not so much thought as instinct. When I try for thought, things come out stiff. Which basically means I suck at writing stories for school :XD:
Panthershade Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2011  Student Writer
Nah, its great. You've done a great job! Keep it up!
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